10 Awesome Picks for the Best Drysuit of 2018

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There’s something about getting new diving or kayaking gear that makes a regular day feel like Christmas morning. No matter if you order something online and it finally arrives at your door, or if you find the perfect new piece of gear in a store, the only thing on your mind at that point is getting in the water.

After all, how else are you supposed to enjoy what you’ve treated yourself to?! This goes for everything from drysuits to oxygen tanks and even dive watches. The moment you get your hands on something new it’s time to break it in by going for a dive.

If you’re on the hunt for a new drysuit, check out the best drysuit options of this year listed below.

1. Hollis Neotek Semidry

First up on the list is the Hollis Neotek Semidry. This suit provides you with incredible comfort in warm and cold water alike. It’s made of two special fabrics that work together to best insulate your body heat and allow a good range of motion while you dive.

The suit goes all the way up your neck with a G-lock zipper for ultimate comfort. You can easily walk around with the head part off while you’re above water, then slip it on as you’re preparing the rest of your diving gear for a dip.

2. SCUBAPRO Nova Scotia Semidry

Up next is the SCUBAPRO Nova Scotia Semidry. As the name suggests, this is an ideal choice for cold-water divers.

The design of the Nova Scotia drysuit left no detail unnoticed. The fabric is thick and water-repellent, of course, but it’s put together with minimal seams.

Plus, there are special pads all along the suit for further body heat preservation and water protection! The pads have been placed on the knees and the shoulders, and there are special wrist seals to top everything off.

3. SCUBAPRO Everdry 4

The Everdry 4 drysuit is another great SCUBAPRO option. It’s made to be breathable and flexible without compromising body heat or overall safety.

This one does not cover the head as the Novia Scotia suit does. Instead, the Everdry stops at the top of the neck. This part has a zipper so you can relax on land but stay safe in the water, and there’s a rear zipper to help you slip in and out of the suit as a whole.

4. SEAC Warm Dry

What has two legs and some of the best diving protection around? The SEAC Warm Dry! This drysuit comes fully-loaded with a cargo pocket, a hood, suspenders, and a carry bag.

Note: the hood is put on and off separate from the drysuit itself. Still, this option provides great insulation against the tough climates some waters present. You can comfortably dive at your regular location or try out a new, colder spot with ease.

5. Bare D6 Pro Dry

If you like the padding in the SCUBAPRO option mentioned a few points above, you may be interested in what the Bare D6 Pro Dry has to offer. This comes with pads along the length of your shins, around the neck, and at the wrists, too.

It has a vented neck drain, which is a bit different from the options mentioned above. Bare has created this to provide the most skin-like feel possible.

6. Bare X-Mission

There are thin, skin-like drysuits, then there are the heavy-duty options made for harsher conditions. That was part of the inspiration for the Bare X-Mission.

Still, it’s made to be as slim as possible in order to provide maximum comfort as well as protection. The main zipper is cut diagonally on the front, making this suit incredibly simple to step in and out of. Once you’re in, you’ll feel the special boots and seals hugging your body, and you can start to put any essentials into the two cargo pockets.


Another great option to choose from is the SEASOFT XV-4. This is also a heavy-duty diving suit, which you can order as-is in the sizes available or have made for a custom size. This goes for both men and women.

Each version of the SEASOFT XV-4 comes with all the same features. You’ll find interior booties, a cargo pocket, and special valve dumps on each arm. It’s a little tight at first, but once you get used to this suit, you’ll find it’s just right for all your needs.

8. Waterproof D9X Breathable

It’s hard to find a suit as padded and protective as the Waterproof D9X Breathable drysuit. The whole suit is made with strong fabric and it has additional padding along the most used areas of the body when you dive.

This may be a bit heavier of a suit than what you’re used to, but it doesn’t compromise any comfort. Once you get in the water, you’ll barely notice the difference in weight and you’ll have plenty of cool features available to you.

Also good to note, this scuba drysuit comes with a lifetime warranty.

9. Hollis BTR-500

Not a fan of the extra weight on the Waterproof drysuit? See how you like the Hollis BTR-500 instead. This drysuit is lightweight yet powerful. It’s durable in tough conditions and allows you to move around in all kinds of directions with ease.

There’s a latex neck seal with an adjustable collar, wrist seals, and socks. You can upgrade for boots if you’d like.

10. Fourth Element Argonaut Flex

The Fourth Element Argonaut Flex is not only water-resistant and breathable, but it’s made with tear-resistant fabric. If this awesome design detail isn’t enough, consider the customizable options available when you order.

Every Fourth Element Argonaut Flex, though, comes with a telescopic torso, and multiple thermal layers, which have been made with military use in mind. Not bad for the average dive enthusiast, huh?

Find the Best Drysuit for You

It’s one thing to know what the best options for drysuits in the dive world are right now, and a totally different story to find the best drysuit for you. You have to consider the conditions you’re going to be diving in and how advanced of a diver you are to know what you really need.

In fact, you may want to start with a wetsuit if you’re only a beginner. To understand the difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit, click here.


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