Top 10 Kayaking Shoes of 2018

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Kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports in the United States, with many across the country taking up a paddle and hitting the water.

This should come as no surprise. Kayaking is, after all, an amazing activity with a number of health benefits. It can be a great way to get out in nature and explore. It’s also not cost-prohibitive, and beginning kayakers can get out on the water and start their new hobby at little cost.

If you’re serious about kayaking though, you’ll want to make sure you have the proper gear. You may not expect it, but having the proper footwear can totally change your kayaking experience. The type of shoes you wear out on the water is truly important.

Below, we’ll cover the top ten kayaking shoes that are worth a close look.

1. Aleader Mesh Slip-On

One of the indisputably best and most comfortable shoes on the market is this one from Aleader. Stylish and bright blue, it easily stands out in appearance from other kayaking shoes. But it’s benefits are all in the waterproof design.

The shoe comes with Aledader’s patented ComfortDry sockliner, which can keep your feet dry and cool in even the wettest of conditions. The water grain outsole is also designed to keep you upright in all environments, offering expert-level traction on slippery surfaces.

2. Merrell All Out Blaze Sieve

Professional kayakers have been going crazy over this pair of shoes from manufacturer Merrell. Versatility is the name of the game here, as the Blaze is designed for a walk in the woods just as much as it is a trip down the river.

Strong soles and waterproof mesh can keep your feet comfortable and safe no matter what part of your journey you’re on. And with a layer of microbial treatment, you can leave your big day out without having to worry about stinky or dirty feet.

3. Speedo Surfwalker Pro 2

Obviously, Speedo is known for their famous bathing suits and swimwear more than anything else, but they’re also a great designer of water-friendly footwear. The Surfwalker is probably the best shoe they have available, and one of the best kayaking shoes you can buy overall.

The Pro 2 is an especially comfortable and easy-to-wear model, and feature breathable mesh so that your feet are comfortable throughout a long day. With their low cut look, they’re also surprisingly stylish and cool looking. And at less than thirty dollars– they’re a real steal!

4. Adidas Outdoor Unisex Climacool

Adidas is one of the best shoe-makers in the game, but you may not have looked into their water shoe selection. The Climacool shoes are an amazing pair, with a classic Adidas look and a wealth of benefits to boot.

The patented ClimaCool mesh material provides 360-degree cooling that helps fully ventilate the shoe and whisk sweat away from your feet. They offer a great grip and should be a must-consider for any avid kayaker.

5. Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Flex-Deck

Another popular brand that is in the water shoe game is Sperry. Sperry is well known for their boat shoes, but their water shoes are no joke either.

The Flex-Deck has a similar appearance to a standard boat shoe, but with a waterproof mesh surface that helps to keep the feet dry and breathable. A thick compression mold footbed makes these shoes both incredibly comfortable and incredibly sturdy. Bungee laces with a toggle also make them simple to take on and off without much trouble.

6. NeoSport Paddle Low Top Boots

One of the best-designed water shoes are these boots from NeoSport. They are designed to be zipper-less and come combined with premium neoprene material and a Lycra edge trim. They are incredibly stretchy and flexible and can keep your feet warm in almost any conditions.

They come in a handsome and sleek black design that should look great with any outdoor gear. Best of all, NeoSport offers them with a one year warranty.

7. Chaco Women’s Outcross Evo Free

The Evo Free shoes from Chaco are another incredibly versatile piece of footwear. They’re great if you’re planning to hike a little bit on either side of your kayaking trip, as their sturdy mesh and Jacquard leather will keep your feet protected on any trail.

They come in a sandal-esque shape and design and are designed with a woman’s comfort in mind: a semi-collapsible heel and polyurethane midsoles give just the right amount of support and stability.

8. NeoSport Premium Boots

Another pair of boots from NeoSport are among some of the most protective available. These ankle high boots are thick and made especially for colder waters, meaning they pair great with a wet or dry suit. They have a heavy-duty zipper that physically seals your feet in and ensures no water will leak in.

The synthetic upper material and puncture resistant outsole provide more high-quality security for your feet. Once you put these boots on, your feet should be good to go no matter how frigid of an environment you decide to plunge into.

9. Cior Barefoot Quick Dry

This shoe from Cior gets its name from its innovative design: the shoe’s made from such light and flexible material, it almost feels as if you’re wearing no shoe at all!

Quick drainage holes also allow water to quickly and efficiently leave the shoe out the bottom of the sole. A constant escape route for water means no soggy or squishy shoes on your end.

10. Watelves Aqua Socks

Another shoe that promises a nearly “barefoot” experience is this colorful model from Watelves. Coming in a wide variety of colors, these shoes are flexible, thin, and fit the shape of your foot perfectly. They rate high in comfortability from many consumers.

An added convenience? They can fold up easily and be stored almost anywhere without taking up much room at all. They’re a great purchase for your next kayaking trip.

The Best Kayaking Shoes Available

There are so many stellar kayaking shoes available online and in stores, and the above shoes are only a small selection of some of the amazing models out there. If there’s a kayaking trip in your near future, you can’t go wrong with any of the above.

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